Services & Prices

We are happy to announce our partnership with Green Circle Salons to make your next visit a sustainable one and we will need your support too! Starting May 1st, there will be an eco fee of $2.50 to every visit to keep our salon Green. The eco fee will help reduce solid and liquid waste from going into the landfills. Green Circle Salons will take the waste generated by the salon and repurpose them into hair booms, new metals, and new sources of energy. We are excited to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and help clean up our environment with every appointment.

Green Circle Salon
Cutting & Styling
Director W 65 M 48
Senior Top Stylist W 55 M 43
Top Stylist W 48 M 38
Stylist W 40 M 33
Technical Services
Shampoo & Style35 & up
Colours75 & up
Partial Highlights135
Full Head Highlights155
Balayage/ Ombre165 & up
Down Perm55
Cold Perm105 & up
Digital Perm250 & up
Japanese Straightening(to be consulted)
Hair Treatment75 & up
Scalp Treatment65
Updos75 & up

* Hair chemical services must be paired with a shampoo and blowdry ($35) when not accompanied by a haircut.
* Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include HST.